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Mommy’s Tinder Account

Dear Evangeline, When I was 16 years old, some old man told me, “live it up, kid. Because it’s all downhill from here.” And I have good reasons to believe he wasn’t alluding to the fact that I had no mortgage to pay, children to take care of, or taxes to tally. He was referring to the imminent downward spiral of my… Read more →

Motherhood & Doctorhood, Go Together Like a Horse & Carriage?

Dear Evangeline,   When you reach that ripe age of three and learn how to google mommy’s name, you’ll be brought to these pages. You’ll also notice there has been a four month-long gap in my writing. Well, mommy’s been going through something that we call in the world of adults, “some shit.” I didn’t feel like talking about it. I still… Read more →


  Dear Evangeline, Your mother is an addict. There, I said it. I’m pretty sure everyone has been thinking this, but no one wants to say it aloud. Not to me, at least. But all the naysayers probably make some good points. And, I’ll admit, there is even an off-chance that they aren’t naysayers at all. Maybe they are just… Read more →

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