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The Weeds of Motherhood

Dear Evangeline,   We’ve had a rough week, kid. My brain is running on empty and I am fairly certain I’ve been getting a new zit on my face every hour. Parenting is amazingly hard. I had a fresh appreciation for that fact when I visited your pop-pop in the hospital last night. After spending the first half of the day… Read more →


Dear Evangeline, I’m going to get right to the point here. I’m beginning to suspect that these self-proclaimed “baby and child-development experts” or “pediatricians” don’t know their asses from their elbows. At your most recent physical, your doctor suggested that toddlers “love routine” and you would learn to embrace a larger selection of foods if they were “offered regularly.” Every… Read more →

Basquiat for Toddlers

Dear Evangeline, You are now 15 months old. With the few notable exceptions of a short visit to the Armory Show, the poop escapade at the Prado, and the full blown toddler tantrum at the Heckscher Museum of Art, mama has been largely denied one of her favorite pastimes, art gazing, for about as many months as you are old.… Read more →


Dear Evangeline, It wasn’t long ago that I wrote to you, stressing the importance of a woman’s responsibility to do her part in overcoming the stigmas of her generation. I didn’t mention, however, the murkiness of such a task. The mainstream (female) media and society have many progressive goals in mind: to bury racism, fight for their reproductive rights and,… Read more →

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