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Gratefully Gutless: An Anniversary Story

Dear Evangeline, I don’t have anything in the house to cook for dinner. “What else is new,” you ask? Well, smarty pants, this is significant because I am finally feeling well enough to make a trek to the grocery store. The only problem is, you’re not feeling well and, as I mentioned in passing to your father this morning, the… Read more →

Heavy Baggage

Dear Evangeline, You, my darling, are beginning to wrap your head around the idea that “mommy’s belly” is going to take a long time to heal. When I first came home from the hospital, you were sick with pneumonia, but that didn’t seem to bother you. You were so worried about me. The first time you saw me get off… Read more →

On Turning a “Terrible” Two

Dear Evangeline, The “terrible twos” are upon us! Well, anyhow, that’s what we hear every time we walk out the front door. In reality, the “terrible twos” started back in August, when you were just 18 months-old. It was almost as if the moment you turned 18 months-old, our world was jerked upside down. You started to dance, to have… Read more →

A Papa Tomato Story

Dear Evangeline, Last week, your pop-pop and I were reminiscing about your great-grandfather, whom you lovingly nicknamed “Papa Tomato” shortly before his death this past summer. “That man just never stopped moving. He always had his hands in something. He just couldn’t sit still,” your pop-pop said to me with a nostalgic quiver, “It’s almost as if…well, it’s almost as… Read more →


Dear Evangeline, When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was remember. Then my mind was washed over with a sensation of fear. I woke up at home for the first time  in a while, but when I tried to get out of bed and realized that I couldn’t, it did something to me that I wouldn’t… Read more →


Dear Evangeline, By the time you are able to read my letters to you, I am sure you will have (somewhat) grasped the very fallible order of the human condition. In fact, I think you understand this, on some level, already. Last night you ordered, “Daphne, stop it!” time and time again, yet the damn dog kept barking and you,… Read more →


Dear Evangeline, It’s been a crazy few weeks and a lot has been on my mind. Too much, in fact. And, despite what many of the readers whom I have shared these letters with think, I do keep some things private. No one needs to know about the genuinely crazy thoughts that lurk in my head. But there’s something I… Read more →


  Dear Evangeline, I’m writing to you today because I’m in a dark place. It feels like there is no way out, but I’ve been here so many times before and I know there is a dimly lit path that leads to the exit. I’ve taken the route so many times that I can no longer doubt that it’s there,… Read more →


  Dear Evangeline, Your mother is an addict. There, I said it. I’m pretty sure everyone has been thinking this, but no one wants to say it aloud. Not to me, at least. But all the naysayers probably make some good points. And, I’ll admit, there is even an off-chance that they aren’t naysayers at all. Maybe they are just… Read more →

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