Dear Evangeline,

I came across a New York Times article last night that I found very jarring. It took me a minute or two to find the adjective I wanted to use there (i.e. “jarring”) because I’m not quite sure, even 24 hours later, what I even think of it. It offers a perspective on mothering that, to be honest, I have never heard expressed. In respect to this mother’s willingness to publicize her point of view, I applaud her. It’s not easy to put yourself out there. It takes a lot of gaul and whether she is right or wrong, crazy or sane, she has certainly invoked a new dialogue on parenting. That’s what writers are supposed to do. Get you to think. In that respect, she’s a winner.


To get to the point, the article is old (2005), but current. Please do take a moment to read it here.

I am not sure, Evangeline, when you will read these letters I write to you. In the age of the internet, I am quite certain it will be before you are a mother yourself. But I hope you will keep them, and if you do become a parent someday, take this article out and read it. And know that my love for you is as strong as love can possibly be, but also know that we are all human. Is Ayelet Waldman a bad mother? I’m not sure. But she has offered you a sincere taste of vulnerability and a refreshing dose of honesty. I hope that you will keep it in your cupboard for those days that you, too, might need a reminder that it is ok to be human.

With boundless love,

Mama Pearce

  1 comment for “IS SHE A BAD MOTHER?

  1. Kindal
    October 3, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Interesting article I never saw it before but i do like her perspective and think she has a healthy relationship with both her children and her husband!

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