Get Rich Fast: a (should be illegal) legal trade

Dear Evangeline, You clearly have a brain in your head, so I’m sure it’s redundant to tell you that I would slap you in the face if you ever told me you wanted to go into the field of art. I wish my mom had slapped me. It would have saved me several tens of thousands of dollars in student… Read more →

A Color Blind World of Art

Dear Evangeline, It has come to my attention that there exists a (albeit remote) possibility that you are color blind. You have been insisting as of late that red is white and that every other color and shade on the spectrum is blue. Occasionally black is “purple” or yellow is “orange,” and you do show an avid affinity for the… Read more →

Basquiat for Toddlers

Dear Evangeline, You are now 15 months old. With the few notable exceptions of a short visit to the Armory Show, the poop escapade at the Prado, and the full blown toddler tantrum at the Heckscher Museum of Art, mama has been largely denied one of her favorite pastimes, art gazing, for about as many months as you are old.… Read more →

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