The $4.49/year Blogging Slave

Dear Evangeline,

I have some really great news. Mommy’s blog netted the family an extra $4.49 in 2014- almost enough to buy a cup of #joe at school to get her through her 7pm Chemistry class. I have even better news for you, too, darling. Mommy is going to start writing a lot more because she is an utterly unreformed workaholic and she cannot attend school this semester. For more on this depressing topic, see mommy’s other unprofitable blog.

expensive-cup-of-coffeeFor now, I’d just like to offer a brief and generalized outline of my blogging goalsĀ for 2015:

1. Make at least $4.50

2. Don’t embarrass yourself

3. Learn how to blog

The thing is, mommy may know how to write, but she doesn’t quite get this whole #blogging thing. She’s also a bit too proud to write things people actually want to read, rather than writing about things that she feels some kind of conviction about. I think it’s called self-promotion, or something like that. Regardless, I promise you I won’t try to get any better at it. I suppose you get a bit of your stubbornness from me, though I have a neat habit of blamingĀ it on your father.

For 2015 starters, you, my darling, start preschool tomorrow.

Until Then,

Mama P.





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